Even stepping out in real estate a year ago, Mega Real Estates has grabbed the attention of high volume of customers as we have many successful marketing milestones to our credit. We serve our clients commencing from planning the marketing mix to the development of the brand image. We have proud that we engraved our name in real estate sector within a short span where it is difficult for some to survive because it is not possible for all to serve their customers as exactly as they need.
Moreover, we offer services to different customers prior to knowing their needs. Let's have a look at the services offered at Mega Real Estate:

Our Services

For Property Buyer

To customers who are coming under this category are provided personal guidance before they take a decision, especially to the first time home buyers. We guide them comprehensively from the beginning to the end as it's their first deal so it should be accurate. We ask them about the strength of their family if they belong to a joint family then the property must be enough so as all can live comfortably there. And if you are from single or nuclear family, then both small and big size property is well for them. Despite these factors, we also analyze our customers pocket means if you have no issue of investment we give them the best in words of big size property so as they can live like royal people. In a case, people having money troubles, we give them different choices so that they can get the best out of many.

For property buyers in India, we search flats, bungalows, villas, apartments, offices for them. Moreover, we are not restricted to this only, you can ask for other types of properties as well.

Moreover, established in 2009, we have been assisting our customers to buy and sell their residential and commercial property in India. We ensure them the thorough solutions so as they can choose the desired one. So when you seek some solutions regarding the issue of purchasing of lands and plots, have a deal with a trustworthy and experienced property agent is worthwhile. We can ensure our property services from property selection, site visit, booking, documentation, home loan, and a final step. Moreover, we also serve our clients after they get their property in case of any damage or repairHence, we have reputed property dealer in India. We have the monopolies in some areas as well.

We are authorised marketing people for many of the top builders; we also market some of the project solely in Raipur.

Key features:-
  • We keep ensuring our help to shortlist the property that suits your desires
  • We arrange a site visit to all shortlisted property so as clients can know the exact look
  • We evaluate various choices available on the basis of our customer's needs
  • We suggest our customers on location, price, surroundings, home loans, and future prospects of property.
  • All of our property buying transaction has convenient and hassle-free solutions.

For Property Seller

The people coming under the category are served accurately by us. If you have a plan to sell your commercial or residential property in India and other parts in India, you can come to us. We will ensure with the best deals through our real estate consultants.

Being have inbuilt humble nature, we never want our customers to get the low-value of their property. We keep effort until the best they get. In brief, we help our clients to have a right choice among the different options. Moreover, while selling lands and plots in India, we deal only with reliable and serious buyers so that no chance of fraud would be there. We support and listen to every aspect of our clients before ensuring any solution. We never force our clients to sell their properties below the expected rates. We keep trying until we get beyond our client's expectations.

Key features:-
  • We have the potential to market and advertise your property to the right buyers in the right areas
  • We help succeed to our clients to sell out at the best rates
  • We fetch the best features of your property before showing to the buyers
  • We consult with different buyers as to sell out at the higher price
  • We provide our customers with the information about the market analysis of previously sold our properties so that they get an idea of the market value of their property.
  • We will also help you to complete all legal documentation required to sell a property.
  • None of our transaction is unsafe.

Property Owners Services

  • We are property leisters & property managers as well as ensuring personalized support to all property owners who have multitude properties but are busy or don't reside in India. For them, we take care of their properties in India and also offer all kinds of services like renting, buying and selling a new one. Moreover, the property owners who are not in India right now can get our help in the following ways:
  • We can rent you properties in India because we have suitable clients. For this service, despite offering you accurate clients, we also collect rent from them and hand over to you so that you don't need to come or getting worried about your monthly rent. Hence, you just need to approach on email or over the phone and the rest of the task would be safely done by us.
  • We can sell your properties in India at the expected rate and for this, you don't need to come as all the transactions including legal will be done by you. You need to make us aware of the property and rest will be done by us. Moreover, within a short span, you will get potential customers.
  • We can also buy a property on your behalf in India. We have many potential buyers and we can get the good rates from them. In brief, as a property dealer, if you reside out of India, you can get a highly valuable property in India through us.
  • Celebrities, HNIG, NRI's ETC who have properties in India but don't have time to interact with tenants and seek to keep their names hidden can also approach us. We will handle all their properties from the beginning to the end. We can rent their properties as well and can do all the legal transactions related to it. They need to collect their rents through us by hand or through bank transactions
  • Industries seeking to establish up plants in India can contact us anytime as we can help them to find out the most suitable land areas so that their business can grow itself. Moreover, existing landowners who seek to seek their commercial properties can come to us anytime.
  • Seeking to run a sale purchase in India and becomes unable to start? Contact us. We can give you the best options so that you can grow at the rapid speed within sometimes.